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Dr Rajarshi Mitra| Specialist General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra

Consultation & Surgical Services provided in a Multi-Specialty Hospital, accredited and recognised by JCI & APHS

Experienced Surgeon with more than 18 years of active surgical work in different parts of the world, I bring a wealth of experience to help you resolve your Surgical queries.




  • Lasers for Hemorrhoids (Piles),
  • Lasers for Pilonidal Sinus
  • Laser Treatment of Anal Fistula
  • Endoscopy for Pilonidal Sinus
  • Doppler Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Hemorrhoids

  • Laser Treatment of hemorrhoids( Piles).
  • THD for Hemorrhoids
  • Stappler Hemorrhoidopexy.

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Inguinal Hernias

Laparoscopic Surgery for:

  • Unilateral Inguinal Hernias
  • Bilateral Inguinal Hernias
  • Recurrent Inguinal Hernias

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Appendicitis

Laparoscopic Surgery for:

  • Acute Appendicitis
  • Interval Appendectomy

MINIMAL INVASIVE Gall Bladder Surgery

Laparoscopic Surgery for:

  • GallBladder Infections.
  • GallBladder Stones

Surgery for Anal Fissures

  • Lateral Sphincterotomy
  • Endoanal Advancement Flap

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Umbilical Hernias

Laparoscopic Surgery for:

  • Umbilical Hernias
  • Recurrent Umbilical  Hernias

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus

  • Laser Surgery
  • Endoscopic Surgery
  • Flap Surgery for Pilonidal Sinus

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Anal Fistula

  • Laser Treatment of Anal Fistula
  • VAAFT for Anal Fistula
  • LIFT Surgery
  • Collagen Paste Surgery

Minimal Invasive Surgery for Ventral Hernias

Laparoscopic Surgery for:

  • Ventral / Epigastric Hernias
  • Recurrent Hernias


Dr Mitra
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Patient Feedback & Reviews

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra was a wonderful surgeon. Highly recommended. Base on my own experience during my surgery of gallstone he made sure that I'm doing well. It was very smooth and painless surgery. Thank you so much dr. Rajarshi for all the kindness,great care during my pre and post operation.. God bless and Stay safe 🙏
HelloI am Yasmin. I had pain in my umbilical area. Dr. Rajarshi Mithra diagnosed it as umbilical hernia and treated me well with procedures as required. He is very understanding and takes time to listen and explain clearly to all concerns before and after surgery. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great surgeon. Thanks.
Dear Dr. Rajarshi MitraI hope this message finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care you provided during my recent surgery.Your kindness, attentive nature, and willingness to address all my concerns made a significant impact on my overall experience. I felt genuinely comforted by your presence, and your ability to listen and respond to my questions put me at ease.The follow-up care you've extended post-surgery has been truly remarkable. Your dedication to ensuring my well-being has not gone unnoticed, and it has played a crucial role in my recovery. My family and I owe you a debt of gratitude for the positive outcome.Your efforts have not only healed me physically but have also provided immense comfort during a challenging time. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to your patients, and I feel truly blessed to have had you as my surgeon.May God continue to bless you in your noble profession, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of surgical expertise. Thank you once again for your outstanding care.With heartfelt appreciation,Emad &family
Base on my own experience in NMC hospital in my doctor rajarshi mitra.his the very2x best doctor for me..the way how he talk to the patient he was very calm.everything are detailed. I salute u doc..God job and Godbless and thank you so much for healing me.
I was a hemorrhoid patient for fairly long time. When I approached Dr. Mitra, he explained me the real problem I was facing and he advised me to go for a surgery which is the best treatment for such patients. Therefore I opted for the surgery.Doctor did the surgery with utmost care and satisfaction for me , as a patient.Doctor's post operative follow up was very satisfactory and easily approachable.
I had the privilege of being treated by Dr.Mitra for a facial cyst and I couldn’t be more pleased with the care I received. Dr. Mitra’s knowledge & expertise were immediately evident as he thoroughly assessed my concern , explained the diagnosis , treatment plan and it was very reassuring.The result of the treatment was successful and he was quite helpful even for the after care at a later stage. I would highly recommend Dr.Mitra and his skill and dedication are truly commendable.
I was very tensed when my doctor referred me to a surgeon for further treatment. We all felt frightened at the thought of seeing a surgeon, but then I met Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. From the moment I walked into his office, he listened attentively to all my concerns and took me through the necessary screening process. His clear and thorough explanation of my current situation and the proposed solution gave me the strength to face the impending surgery. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Mitra met me in the pre-operation ward, where he not only explained the procedure but also provided me with the mental fortitude I needed. After the surgery, he visited me in the Post-Surgery ward and meticulously detailed what had been done. The very next day, he patiently addressed all my concerns and provided clarification. What truly sets Dr. Mitra apart is his unwavering support during the post-surgery follow-ups. He was always responsive to my queries through WhatsApp and even took the initiative to check on my condition. For someone like me who was initially terrified of surgery, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. He is not only an expert in his field but also a compassionate and attentive listener who genuinely cares about his patients' well-being.
Sharing my experience of the laparoscopic surgery for the removal of my gall bladder by Dr Rajarshi Mitra, on 2/10/23, at NMC Hospital, Abu Dhabi. The operation was successful and I felt very assured from meeting the Dr at OPD, and also the post operative follow up & care provided by Dr & his staff was very comforting. I was up and mobile from day one of the operation & was healed within a week, following Dr’s advice to keep walking & active.I would like to appreciate Dr.Rajarshi Mitra for his skills, expertise & guidance. I am pleased that I was referred to you.Thank you once again.
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, at NMC Specialty Hospital in Abu Dhabi, you are truly one of the finest surgeons I've ever encountered. Your pilonidal sinus surgery was performed with remarkable skill, resulting in minimal post operative pain a testament to your gifted hands and exceptional qualifications.The outcome of my surgery exceeded my highest expectations, and your accessibility through phone and WhatsApp, along with your responsiveness even after the procedure, made my experience truly exceptional.I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Rajarshi Mitra to anyone in need of general surgery. To put it simply: Trust him, be patient, and relax. thank you Dr immensely for your outstanding care
Dr. Mitra is amazing and he ensured patients are taking the right medication and receiving the best possible care. Thank you for taking good care Doctor.
Good day,I just want to share my experience in NMC Hospital.I had a Gallstone Surgery with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, and it went really well. Dr. Rajarshi Mitra explained everything clearly ,and the surgery was a success. I recovered quickly and felt well taken care of. I recommend Dr. Rajarshi Mitra for Gallstone Surgery. Thank you so much Dr. Mitra for taking care of my health. God bless...
Thank you doctor for your amazing service. Doctor is easily accessible and is always available to you over WhatsApp or phone pre and post surgery. Very welcoming and highly professional and makes patients feel at ease.
I had to do a cyst removal, so I consulted Dr Mitra. He explained very clearly about the growth and what we had to do for the removal procedure. During the procedure, Dr Mitra was very reassuring and made sure I was comfortable. I got general anesthetics and didn’t feel a thing through the whole surgery. Even post op care was very good and seamless. The follow ups with Dr Mitra were straight forward and beneficial. I recovered within a couple of weeks and was back to normal in no time. Thank you for all your efforts Dr Mitra and the good care given by the team at NMC Abu Dhabi!
The care taken by Dr. Rajashi Mitra for my surgery planning, Surgery and post Surgery treatments was very good and highly appreciable. Thanks Doctor!!!
Great experience. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr. Mitra were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. Mitra really took his time to explain my condition and the surgery with me as well as my treatment options. I had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend him.
Dr Rajashi Mitra, an amazing, dedicated and committed professional. I had a wonderful experience recently during my consultation, surgery and post surgery session. Thank you so much doctor for all the kindness, great care and support you have provided to me.
Wow I don’t have word about Dr Rajarsh Mitra (Specialist Laparoscopic Surgeon & Proctologist)he is very good Dr i never had before same Dr it’s my first time doing operations in my life the way he treats and the way he taker of everything wow I have gallbladder problems I go NMC meet him explain to him the case after that he tell me how he can taker of that then he do it well. now I am very Good feeling and no pain I continue my life same before thank you Dr God bless you and your sweet family plisse who can see this comment plisse pray for 1 minutes for him and his team God bless them all the time .🤲🤲🤲
Dr Rajarshi was very caring. He showed immence patience in listening to the problems. He provided very good treatment and helped to get the problem resolved.
Undoubtedly the best in his treatment and medications in Abudhabi. The way he empathize with the patient is really good. Definitely recommend him as a goto destination for the issues related to haemerroids and fissures.
I found Dr. Mitra by searching for the "best doctor in Abudhabi", and then I visited him for treatment, and he had done laser surgery for me.Finally, I want to say from my feedback that he is truly the best doctor, and with kindness and explaining things.I highly recommend him for all.Thank you so much, doctor, for your great service.
Amazing patient care! I went into surgery well informed and very assured of the particulars of the surgery. Dr Mitra was very patient with me as I had a lot of questions about my surgery. Even after the surgery and during review he made me feel well taken care off, I am recovering very well and I will forever be grateful.
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra did my wife Appendicitis removal surgery last week.He is a competent, very nice doctor and very welcoming. Thank you doctor
Dr. Mitra one of the best doctors I have ever met. In my first consultation with Dr. Mitra, explained me very well and talked openly without hiding anything thing. Actually, I got surgery approval from another hospital but i want second opinion and after meeting with him I changed my mind and had my surgery through him.Surgery was very well handled by him and off course by the NMC staff, is the best 👌. I was in the hospital one and half days. Not much medicine only two tablets after discharge.I visited twice after discharged from hospital. On 9th day my stitches was removed.Alhumdolillah, by the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH PAK I am very fit and eating food as normal humans.I thanks ALMIGHTY ALLAH PAK that i visited Dr. Mitra for suggestion.Thank you 😊 Dr. Mitra and NMC staff for high class treatment!
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is highly recommended. I recently had a hernia operation performed by him, and I couldn’t be more impressed with his professionalism, expertise and genuine care. He is compassionate and caring. I appreciate the attention he gave to me pre and post operation.
Great experience as a first timer going under the knife. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr. Mitra were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. Mitra really took his time to explain my condition with me as well as my treatment options and the surgery that will be done. The operation went through well and was updated even during the operation. His post-op follow-ups were also great and the recommendations made to ensure complete recovery were simple but useful. I had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor had really put me at ease.
With happness i have never see a man with golden heart so lovely friendly and careing DR.Rajarshi mitra specialist abudhabi five days after my operation am already fine all this because of you good job it gladen me each time i look at my face Dr. Rajarshi mitra hou are the best am okay now sir may God almighty guide and bless for you good job thanks.
I had the privilege of having Dr. Rajarshi Mitra as my wife's surgeon, and and he provided us with exceptional care and expertise. Dr. Mitra's skill as a surgeon is matched only by his genuine compassion for his patients.Before the surgery, he meticulously performed all the necessary pre-checks, ensuring that we were well-informed and prepared for the procedure. His prompt follow-ups put our minds at ease, knowing that we were in good hands throughout the entire process.Dr. Mitra's dedication to our comfort and confidence was evident every step of the way. He patiently addressed all of our concerns and explained the treatment plan thoroughly, leaving no question unanswered.What sets Dr. Mitra apart is his personal involvement in post-operative care. He personally followed up with us and was always available to address any queries, regardless of the time of day.We wholeheartedly thank Dr. Rajarshi Mitra for his outstanding care and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled and compassionate surgeon. He truly goes above and beyond for his patients, and we are grateful to have had him as part of our medical journey. Thank you, Dr. Mitra!
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu DhabiSir, you are one of the best surgeons I have ever met. I had laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery by a doctor..amazingly done with much less pain after the operation... a doctor with gifted magic hands... highly qualified.Post-operative results exceeded my best expectations. He can be reached easily and directly via phone or WhatsApp and is very responsive even after surgery. My experience with him was really great.I am planning for lipoma surgery also.I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs general and laparoscopic surgery. I'd rather say: "Give him patience and relax."SIR JI , thank you very much.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dr. Mitra is highly skilled and experienced. He understand and listens to your problems.He guides nicely to all procedures to resolve the issues.Thank you Dr. Mitra.
When I found out that I have gallstones my primary Doctor, referred me to this amazing surgeon, Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. Her exact words were “Dr. Mitra is a very good one”. True to her words, I’ve experienced how magnificent he is.During my first appointment with him, I was horribly nervous and scared. But he was able to make me feel at ease and comfortable by explaining my condition and treatment to me. He involved me in the desicion about my treatment rather than just telling me what to do. He was so patient in answering my endless questions, even through whatsapp he responds promptly. Prior to the surgery he sent me articles and guidelines as to what’s going to happen. And few minutes before my surgery he checked on me and made sure that I will be well taken care of. My surgery went well without any complications. If not for Dr. Mitra, I wouldn’t have had my surgery done here. I’ve also seen him several times after my surgery, always asking how I was doing. He really is exceptional! You are much appreciated! 😃 - A
I am blessed that you are my doc! I have great confidence in you and your abilities. Thank you so much for the great care and surgery you performed on me.
Highly professional, very gentle and skilled surgeon,i had a very good experience in clinic as well as in operation.
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra did my gallbladder removal surgery on 14 June 23. He is expert in this field and is highly recommended by my colleagues who had undergone the same surgery. He has a very nice attitude, very welcoming and explained the procedure very well. Thank you Dr. Rajarshi for taking care of me.
Dr Mitra is a Fanta proctologist. Highly recommended. He is very thorough, great attention to detail. He made sure I would not be in pain after the surgery and prescribed several cream, gels and antiinflamatory meds, and antibiotics to make sure I would be comfortable after the procedure. I am actually also very please with NMC hospital. The entire team was very organised and highly competent. Thank you Dr Mitral for helping me.
Thank you for the excellent service you have provided for my laproscopic hernia surgery.I am 37years old obese with history of prior umbilical hernia open surgery. At first consultation itself Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, found out that it's another hernia which can be repaired via laproscopic surgery . I was originally planning to get surgery done in India, but we changed our plan and that was the best decision I made. I was treated for my chronic cough issues too before surgery plan.The surgery went smoothly on our preferred time and I was well taken care of by his team. I got discharged same day and was able to get back to do house chores in 2 days. I truly appreciate and highly recommend you and your team for making my life easier.
Doctor Mitra is caring and very knowledgeable! Thank you for everything and I am confident to recommend him for any patient 🙏🏻
The services that I receive is excellent. From Dr. (Rajarshi Mitra) and the staff are friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. I would have no qualms in recommending them to friendly and friends.
I did my hernia surgery under mitra sir he was kind and supportive. Staffs and nurses were very kind gave me comfort feel before surgery. Thank you mitra sir and his team
Wonderful experience with NMC Hospital Abu Dhabi.Dr. Rajarshi Mitra was a wonderful surgeon, He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns and the staff was always helpful and kind.I would highly recommend to anyone.
I had a wonderful experience of Dr. R Mitra. He did my surgery last month. Before the surgery in the OPD he did explain everything in detail, even during surgery he was so friendly to ease out any tension. The post operative care was an amazing experience. I take this opportunity to thank him for all his care and support.
I had emergency laparoscopic appendix surgery in NMC a week ago. Since it was my first surgery, Dr. Mitra made sure that I will be better in few days time. He is empathetic, dedicated and an expert in his field of work. NMC is lucky to have him.

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