MBBS; MS(Surgery); FIAGES; FICS(USA); Dip.Lap(France); Dip.Hernia(APHS)



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Dr Mitra


Dr Mitra
Google Rating
Based on 343 reviews


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Laparoscopic Surgery in the Treatment of GallBladder Stones, GallBladder Polyps, Biliary Pain

GallBladder Stone

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


Learn more today about Minimal Invasive Laparoscopy in the Surgical Management of various GallBladder Diseases like GallBladder Stones, GallBladder Polyps, Biliary Colic, Common Bile Duct Stones


Laparoscopic Surgery in the Management of Hernia

Types of Hernia

Get in touch today to discuss about Laparoscopic Surgery in the management of Inguinal Hernia, Ventral Hernia, Incisional Hernia, Umbilical Hernia. One of the select few Hospitals in UAE, recognised by The APHS, for the management of Hernia


Laparoscopic Surgery in the treatment of Acute Appendicitis


Reach out to us in case of an Acute Appendicitis. Know more about Laparoscopic Surgery for the surgical management of Acute Appendicitis in an Emergency


Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery with many performed as Day Care Procedures

Laparsocopic Surgery

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

Laparoscopic Repair of Inguinal Hernias ( unilateral / bilateral ).

Laparoscopic Repair of Incisional Hernias.

Laparoscopic Repair of Umbilical / Para-umbilical Hernias.

Laparoscopic Repair of Ventral / Epigastric Hernias.


Lasers in the Surgical Treatment of Piles, Fissures, Fistula

  • Laser Treatment of Hemorrhoids (Piles)
  • Laser Treatment of Anal Fistula
  • Laser Treatment of Anal Fissures
  • Laser Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus

Get in touch today to discuss the Surgical application of Lasers in the treatment of your Hemorrhoids(Piles), Anal Fissures, Anal Fistula & Pilonidal Sinus


Advanced Surgical Procedures for the treatment of Hemorrhoids(Piles), Fissures, Fistula

Anal Disorders
  • THD for Hemorrhoids (Piles).
  • HAL-RAR for Hemorrhoids (Piles).
  • Stappler Hemorrhoidopexy.
  • Laser Treatment of hemorrhoids( Piles).
  • VAAFT for Anal Fistula.
  • Laser Treatment for Anal Fistula.
  • Laser Treatment for Anal Fissures.
  • Advancement Flaps for Anal Fissures.

Reach out today to discuss the various Advanced & Minimal Invasive Surgical Treatments for Anal Fissures, Hemorrhoids(Piles), Anal Fistula.


Advanced GI & ColoRectal Surgical Services including Laparoscopy & Open Surgery with a team of GI Surgeon & OncoSurgeon

GI Colorectal Surgery

Hiatal Hernia Repair

Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair

Peptic Ulcer Surgery


Meckels Diverticulectomy

Removal of Small Bowel Tumor


Abdomino‐Perineal Resection

Low Anterior Resection

Mesenteric Cyst Excision


Minor Surgery in the management of Cysts, Lipomas, Lumps, Ingrown Nails

Lumps Cysts

Get in touch today to discuss about the management of minor surgical conditions like Lipomas, Sebaceous Cysts, Lumps, Ingrown Toenails, Superficial Abscesses. Day Care procedures under local anesthesia


Dr.Mitra is very professional, experienced and... active with personal care to his patients. I had laparoscopic surgery,beforehand he explained the procedure very well and sent me all the information about it. The surgery went well and still checks on me on my recovery. One of the best doctor i had! Thank you so much Dr.Mitra.read more
Buenafe Bromeo
16:03 06 Dec 21
My experience with Dr Rajarshi Mitra was... exemplary from start to finish. I was in a lot of pain when first meeting Dr Rajarshi and straight away he put me at ease and prescribed me medication to subside the pain. He talked me through every step of my procedure to ensure I was comfortable and the surgery was hugely successful. Dr Rajarshi booked me in for a follow up appointment a few days later and also contacted me to check in on my healing process. I couldn't recommend him enough.read more
Rachael McShane
10:49 06 Dec 21
Waed Eqnaibi
07:56 06 Dec 21
Nice gentleman with reputed experience,... professional approach with personal care, tackling patients with confidence, excellent treatment with resolving Technics. Surely one can believe the moment you see him and will conclude that you are in safe hands. NMC hospital infrastructure with well supporting staff is the right platform for a talented doctor like Dr. Mithra right from you step into the hospital preoperative, operation and postoperative period.read more
Ravi Sekhar
17:11 01 Dec 21
I had a laproscopic appendicetomy at Dr. Mitra's... clinic two weeks ago. Dr. Mitra explained very well about my current situation at the consultation time. He was very supportive before and after surgery, and was ready to explain the surgery procedures and the medications at any time . I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Mitra's clinic throughout the surgery period and post surgery. Thank you doctor for your excellent care and service.read more
Linson Johnson
05:24 01 Dec 21
From last couple of months suffer from... herniaConsult surgeon but not satisfied after that I consults Dr mitra he explain me each and every thing abuòt procedure I get convincedConfident by grace of Allah and he operated me from opd to operation theater to hospital stay and after follow-up he is not only best surgeon but also best human being may Allah increase his knowledge and wisdom.read more
Manzur Bandarkar
14:38 26 Nov 21
Very caring and professional approachTakes care... and follows up even after being discharged . 😎👍read more
Aijaz Nawab
10:47 24 Nov 21
I had a good experience with Dr Mitra.... He is... kind and friendly..... I recommend him because of his helpful and friendly attitude.... God bless him....read more
20:30 11 Nov 21
Gallbladder surgery was done by Dr Rajarshi Mitra... on me on 27th Oct 2021After consultation with Dr. Rajarshi prior to the operation I felt very confident and relaxed with the way all the procedures were explainedAll my answers were answered.I was kept updated at all times from the time I gave a go ahead.Consultation with Dr. Rajarshri was only for second opinion in the beginning, but after meeting himI decided to proceed with him.I am happy with the decision & would recommend him to any of my friends / relatives in future.read more
denzil vaz
07:45 11 Nov 21
I had laparoscopic GALLSTONE surgery 8 Days ago ... performed by Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, he gave very thorough explanations before the procedure and made me very optimistic about the surgery and the procedure went very well and the doctor was always checking on me during my recovery and I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Next days after the surgery I was discharged from the hospital. His dedication towards his patients is commendable, generally not found in today’s institutions. Dr. Mitra still took very good care of me and still checks on me through phone, WhatsApp. He’s very humble and caring, one of the very best Doctor I’ve seen in my life. Thank you so much Dr. Mitra for your careread more
manzarul khan
07:38 08 Nov 21
Dr mitra is a very competent, patient ,great... listener and friendly. He explained my problem very well and simplified it to me which was hernia, he encouraged me and put me at ease before and after the surgery. He kept caring and asking about my condition even after i was released from the hospital. I was very lucky to be treated by Dr mitra.Dr Emad Abdulwahabread more
Jawad Abdulwahab
17:21 07 Nov 21
Dr Rajarshri Mitra is a skilled surgeon and... excellent at his work. When I was admitted to the hospital suffering from an appendicitis, Dr. Rajarshi Mitra took care in explaining the laparoscopic appendectomy procedure needed and invested a great deal of time addressing all of my questions and concerns. Post surgery he was available all the time I tried to contact him and also listened to me very patiently.Thank you Doctor for the sincere professional care that you provided.read more
Fathima Shika
10:30 04 Nov 21
Dr Rajarshi Mitra is friendly and good doctor in... explanations is very good I am so happy my surgery is Done thank youread more
Jawad Ahmad
09:30 02 Nov 21
I had laparoscopic surgery 2 weeks ago performed... by Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, he gave very thorough explanations before the procedure and made me very optimistic about the surgery and the procedure went very well and the doctor was always checking on me during my recovery and I felt very comfortable and relaxed. 6 days after the surgery I was discharged from the hospital and Dr. Mitra still took very good care of me and still checks on me through phone on how I am recovering.He’s very humble and caring, one of the very best Doctor I’ve seen in my life. Thank You so much Dr. Mitra for your care.read more
mubarak hussain
12:08 01 Nov 21
I would highly recommend Dr. Mitra if you need... anything done. Both he and his nurses were very accomodating and professional. He will really took extra care of you for the whole process.read more
Abigail Flores
20:04 28 Oct 21
Dr Rajarshi Mitra's caring and considerate... approach instantly and psychologically heals us. Doctor very clearly explained the procedure and outcomes of the surgery. After meeting doctor and getting his opinion and suggestion , I had a clarity with my medical condition. I felt positive and assured. Thanks very much doctor.read more
Uma Balaji
05:11 21 Oct 21
I was suffering from Pilonidal Cyst and visited... him back in April 2020 for the first time, he was quite open and suggested proper way forward instead of try and test like others. I immediately realized that he does not only have professional attitude but he is expert what he does, General Surgery. He uses his several years of experience, knowledge, professional attitude and friendly nature while treating his patient. For some personal reasons, I had decided to postpone surgery, he did not scare me of consequences of delay but advised me to get comfortable with my choice so it gave me even more confidence that this doctor is not doing surgery just to get money. He had shared with me his WhatsApp on first visit and asked me to message him if there is any emergency. I decided to undergo surgery in his OT, he did it professionally! I had relocated to Dubai from Abu Dhabi just 8 days after the surgery so Dr. Mitra kept on following up with me if I was doing well even when he was on vacation 15 days of my surgery.To conclude, Dr. Mitra is expert at what he does, he is professional in dealing with his patients and truly honest human being who cares for his every patient.read more
Naresh Kumar Khatri
10:32 15 Oct 21
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is an Excellent Doctor with... friendly and helpful by providing all the details of surgery and as well as the taking care procedure after the surgery to be healthy... Even after the surgery personally contacted me to know the status of my health...Thank You 😊 Doc...read more
Abdul Raheem
15:16 07 Oct 21
Dr. Mitra is a very experienced surgeon whom I... felt confident on for my surgery, which I have been pushing back for a while. He had been in touch with me through the entire recovery phase, helping me as and when required. His dedication towards his patients is commendable, generally not found in todays institutions. A big thank you to him for curing my ailment and I would confidently refer my friends and family in future.read more
Amitav Bandyopadhay
04:39 06 Oct 21
Nirupa Jain
09:30 02 Oct 21
Dr. Mitra is very professional and caring... surgeon. He explained about surgery procedure and recovery time. He clarifies to all my queries through whatsapp. I am satisfied with his post operation followup and caring. As he mentioned, I got recovered in 2 weeks post surgery and doing all my normal activity. I am happy that I have chosen him for pilonidal sinus surgery.read more
Arun Prakash
10:33 26 Sep 21
👨‍⚕️ Dr. Rajarshi... Mithra did a great job for my wife’s surgery. Doctor and his team are closely monitored till her recovery and they are very friendly and cooperative. Appreciate and thank you you very much for his outstanding service. He is the best and excellent Surgeon 👨‍⚕️read more
GangaReddy Donga
16:27 25 Sep 21
Recently i gone through laproscopic surgey, this... is my first laproscopic surgery for my gallbladder removal. At first I was scared, but after consulting Dr.Rajarshi Mitra, he explained me in detail and gave me information and confidence before the surgery. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart to the Doctor and his team for their great service and support. I thank him for his keen observation untill my recovery. He is available at any time to reach him. He is an excellent surgeon.read more
Padmaja Vadde
16:13 25 Sep 21
On the 13 of September 2021 an appendicitis... surgery was carried out on me by doctor Mitra and his team i really appreciate them for a job well done because now am feeling very ok. And a big thanks to Doctor Mitra for his excellent Job because from the first date of my admission he followed my case till when i became healthy and strong again i really appreciate him for his professionalism and he is the best surgerical Doctor i have ever come across.read more
Ngwa Allen
18:52 24 Sep 21
DR Rajarshi Mitra did a great job with my first... ever surgery, He explained everything to me before the operation of my appendix, He closely monitored me while i am still in the facility and when i am already discharged. i can contact him anytime of the day. now i am feeling better because of his professionalism.read more
adonis vicente
10:38 24 Sep 21
This is my first operation ( elective... laparoscopic cholecystectomy) and really scared but meeting Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, the fear and worry will vanish eventually. He will give you all the infomation and educate you before the procedure.What i really like about Dr. Mitra is that, while he explains, his words are full of positivity. Now,I'm recoverring!! Thank you doc!!read more
18:26 15 Sep 21
Dr. Rajarshi is highly experienced specialist in... Surgery. He is by far the nicest and the most composed surgeon Doctor you’d consult in the UAE.I absolutely admired his way of working which included keeping his patients well informed about the procedure and the process he would be adopting which gives you a great sense of security.With him, you know for a fact you are in good and trustworthy hands!I highly recommend him for any surgeries you’d be opting for.Thank you, Doctor 🙂read more
Noellie Menezes
19:26 14 Sep 21
everything was perfect I really appreciate doctor... rajarshiread more
Semsemaa Ashraf
12:41 13 Sep 21
i have recently undergone surgery of my appendix... with Dr.Mitra i am satisfied with thier services in this hospital all over in terms of nurses assistance from the very first day until i finished my operation , with the food and the room were i stayed... over all satisfied patient😀...i highly recommend Dr. Mitra to my friends.😀read more
13:29 12 Sep 21
Martin Bagatela
05:01 10 Sep 21
The service I recieved from Dr. Rajashri Mitra... was terrific. It was my first time to undergone into surgery and Doctor was a wonderful surgeon, the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth consultation, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad that Dr. Mitra was my surgeon and would highly recommend to anyone.read more
Zhel refuerzo
17:08 09 Sep 21
I Am thanking Dr Rajarshi Mitra for my Lap Hernia... surgery. I had wonderful experience from Dr Mitra during my treatment sessions. He was very calm, friendly, professional during my entire treatment.read more
mary jaisy
11:16 06 Sep 21
Priyanka Obediah
17:48 30 Aug 21
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is a very skilled surgeon and... excellent at his work. In my experience, he is one of the best doctors in the UAE. He genuinely cares about his patients and is very compassionate. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a specialist.read more
Izza Syed
08:11 28 Aug 21
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. I got my piles surgery done,... and it was the best experience of my life, the doctor understood my problem every time and solved my problem, thanks to Nmc Hospital, and special thanks to Doctor Mitra.read more
04:08 28 Aug 21
Excellent service and friendly talking in detail... about the issues..read more
Robin Mathew
03:46 28 Aug 21
Dr Rajarshi is a confident, caring, informative... provider . My care has been top class, and I recommend him any chance I can.read more
shuhaib ak
03:45 28 Aug 21
Dear Doctor; I really appreciate your treatment... and avail a pain I had on so many days. It was treated by 4 doctors and never cured and finally you treated with out pain and thank you very much for your kind treatment. God bless you Doctor.read more
Jayasree D.H.H
11:09 21 Aug 21
I highly recommend Dr. Mitra for surgery... treatments. Recently I was done a surgery under doctor Mitra and it was very successful. He was very kind and carefully concerned about me from the beginning to end of my recovery period. His post surgery follow up was amazing. After the surgery he continuously followed up my condition and provided necessary advices through the Whatsapp and even phone calls. It was really helped me to get recovered soon. Thank you so much doctor for eveverything that you did to cure me..!! 🙏🙏God bless you doctor..!!Stay safe..!!read more
Ushani Delpagodage
10:46 21 Aug 21
Had a good experience with Dr. Mitra. Highly... recommended.read more
14:34 15 Aug 21
Barkat Ahmad
13:50 10 Aug 21
Sanif Sani
12:33 08 Aug 21
Ashfaq Abdul Samad
09:25 08 Aug 21
A friend who is also Dr. Mitra's patient,... recommended me to do my surgery with Dr. Mitra. At first I was scared thinking it will be painful after the surgery because I had done laparascopic surgery in the past years with another doctor and I woke up in excruciating pain. But with Dr. Mitra, thankfully I did not experience that. He is a good doctor, kind, and his services are satisfying. Even after my hospitalization, he is very reachable and helpful with post operative concerns I have. Thank you very much Doc!🙂read more
Iris Mae Casas
04:11 05 Aug 21
Dr.Mitra is indeed one of the best we've come... across. Very patient and knowledgeable. To be honest, I was petrified before my surgery, but he put me at ease right away. And the post-op care with his availability on WhatsApp, during the pandemic? For me ,that was God-sent. Highly Recommended. 🙂 👍read more
pradeep kumar
11:19 02 Aug 21
High recommendation for Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. Very... professional doctor it was my first health issue and he did a very good job. he was so friendly and took good care of me. So soft and kind. God bless him. ❤️read more
Shaimaa Ali
12:19 01 Aug 21
Mhiles Adams
08:29 01 Aug 21
I did my surgery with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra and I... found him very professional, freindly and caring person. Very helpful and reachable anytime. Always following and checking his patients. My sincere thanks to Dr. Mitra to solve my problem amicably. I would strongly recommend Dr. Mitra for any surgery based on his vast knowledge and experience.read more
16:51 30 Jul 21
I had my gallbladder removal 2 weeks ago,and now... I'm feeling fine,started working again...he's a caring doctor....thank you doc😊read more
Michael Manalo
06:44 29 Jul 21
Very good doctor with confidence boosting... approach. Explained the procedure very well and cleared all doubts with his experience and skill. Would recommend whoever wants to do surgical procedure 🙏read more
rajesh thayyil
09:25 20 Jul 21
A doctor whom we can approach with ease, who... will aggravate patients confidence as well. We had an excellent experience.read more
Vijayan Kunnath
06:16 19 Jul 21
Once again Thank you for being the dedicated,... thoughtful, and compassionate that you are! You always go above and beyond towards a healthy outcome. I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor.”read more
mazhar khan
06:12 16 Jul 21
I visited Dr. Rajarshi Mitra for the treatment of... cellulitis in finger. He explained everything and listen us patiently. I amezed to got treated with Dr.Mitra. As this disease is not critical disease, he gave full attention to treat this disease with high level enthusiasm. He is reachable any time and very patient centric doctor. Thank you doctor for your kindness. I strongly recommend.read more
Preeti Singh
15:20 15 Jul 21
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is a wonderful surgeon with... high level of expertise in his profession. He explained everything in a clear manner at every appointment. Very helpful and reachable any time. I am very happy to choose Dr. Mitra and I would strongly recommend to any one for the doctor.read more
sandip kumar
15:00 15 Jul 21
Sovan Lal Das
12:48 15 Jul 21
Thank you so much Doctor Mitra .I found a great... surgeon .I had an amazing experience with him.I love how he explained all about my Gallbladder.From the start untill the surgery end. Highly Recommended.God Bless.read more
Janice B Maquiñana
16:12 13 Jul 21
My experience with the doctor was excellent and... even before surgery and after surgery doctor ‘s service was extremely commendable applied to excellence . I am very happy with his service and follow up. I myself recommend him to everyone.read more
Mohammed Basheer
12:38 12 Jul 21
Dr. Mitra is a good doctor. Been going to him for... how many years now. And he makes me comfortable and relax with the situation. Not like other doctor that will make you worry about your illness.read more
Hasan Al Hammadi
22:33 09 Jul 21
Dr Rajarshi Mitra is a very helpful and caring... doctor to his patient. I was hesitant to contact him on his off day but he is very helpful and make me calm about my worries. His personality is very nice alsoread more
Hasan Al Hamadi
22:09 09 Jul 21
Hussein Rached
17:37 06 Jul 21
abdulazeez paramban
13:13 06 Jul 21
Great experience as a first timer. I barely... waited to be helped when I checked in. Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. Mitra really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options.read more
Javeed Mohd Abdul
06:58 05 Jul 21
Very good doctor with confidence boosting... approach. Explained the procedure very well and cleared all doubts with his experience and skill. Would recommend whoever wants to do surgical procedure especially Laparoscopic..read more
Rasheed MR
17:51 04 Jul 21
Dr. Mitra is an excellent and outstanding... surgeon. As an American living in UAE, I was a bit skeptical about having my first surgery in a foreign country. However, after speaking to Dr. Mitra, who took his time to carefully explain to me in details of the procedure. His concern, calmness and caring ability helped me in deciding to have the surgery at NMC specialist hospital, otherwise I would have had my surgery at Cleveland hospital. I have to say that I made the right choice in having my surgery at NMC as Dr. Mitra did an excellent job. I have already recovered from the surgery in just 1 week. Dr. Mitra made me comfortable and less worried or scared all through out the process (prior and post surgery). He even gave me his personal contact to reach him anytime for questions in regards to the surgery. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Mitra and his team for the excellent service provided to me and I highly recommend NMC specialist Hospital (Dr. Mitra as the surgeon Ofcourse) to anyone who needs to have any surgery in the future.read more
Brown Ezeh
02:01 01 Jul 21
He is so caring and he knows how to treat patients
Simonetta Dadson
11:27 30 Jun 21
Thanks for your kind treatment you give me.God... bless you.thanks for nmc staff the did GOOD job.read more
abdulqudoos butt
19:12 27 Jun 21
The services that I receive from Dr.Mitra was... excellent. Dr.Mitra really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a specialist.read more
Goutham Ajith
19:05 24 Jun 21
Arif Shareef
16:06 24 Jun 21
Mustafa Khan Khan
15:36 24 Jun 21
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Mitra. I... really like the way he explained from start to end about the problem I was having. I highly appreciate his dedication for work and also grateful for all the staff members and smooth transition from surgery to recovery. Thank you!read more
ruxandra rizea
10:32 23 Jun 21
Dr Rajarshi is a very patient doctor,it's very... goodread more
Junwei Huo
17:03 21 Jun 21
During my routine offshore medical recently,... gallstones were found in my gallbladder which was recommended by Dr. Rajashi to be remove. Dr. Rajashi has patiently explained to me possible complications if these are not remove especially in my line of work which is offshore. He gave me honest answers in my questions so I can decide with full understanding. My surgery was successful, the team who operated on me are all professionals. Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is very attentive, kind and very respectful to his patients. i will recommend to those who have problem the same on me, visit NMC Abu Dhabi hospital @ 4th floor (Surgeon Department) and look for Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. You never regret it... Once again thank you Dr. Rajarshi Mitra for taking care of me...read more
Ronnie Quirabu
12:47 21 Jun 21
I am one of the patients of Dr. Mitra, He is very... kind and gentle to his patients. A good Doctor with a good heart.read more
Joey Mallari
07:06 17 Jun 21
I recently had a small lump in my forearm that... needed to be investigated.Dr Mitra guided me through all the exams required, and performed surgery for removal. I did appreciate his great skills, both human and professional.read more
12:29 15 Jun 21
Dr. Mitra is very kind, friendly and helpful. He... was available all the time I tried to contact him and he listened to me very patiently. He was very polite, cooperative and ready to listen all my questions and concerns. From beginning to the end of my treatment I got good care.Highly recommended.Thank you Doctor and may god bless you!read more
10:23 13 Jun 21
I had a cyst removal surgery on my ear from Dr.... Mitra las month. It was extreamly easy with him to do, he was explaining everything and was keep on communicating to me throughout the procedure that made me feel better in every minute. As a patiant I felt his experience, dedication to his job and brotherly care during my experience with him. Thank you Doctor...wish you the best in your life and career. God bless you.🌹read more
ibrahim nadukandy
13:46 10 Jun 21
Weng Timothy
14:51 09 Jun 21
I had an amazing experience with Dr. Rajarshi... Mitra.l for my wife’s surgery. Timely follow ups. Everything was done on time. Very friendly nature.no complications. Highly recommended.read more
Sheikh Omar
08:48 08 Jun 21
I have experienced extreme care, gentle treatment... and expert advices from Doctor Mitra.read more
Biju Thomas
09:40 05 Jun 21
I was a patient of Dr. Mitra in May 2021 and I... found him not only extremely competent and professional, but also very attentive and kind from a human perspective, demonstrating true care of his patients. He performed a neat surgery which healed surprisingly quickly and with no pain, which was remarkable. He left me healthy and very satisfied by the entire experience, he did a great job and I fully recommend him!read more
Alessandro D'Angelo
07:04 05 Jun 21
Raj Baral
06:43 05 Jun 21
We had a great experience being treated by Dr.... Rajarshi Mitra. Dr. Mitra was very supportive and addressed all concerns pre and post surgery.read more
Rini Abraham
19:35 03 Jun 21
I have nothing to say to all the doctors nurses... receptionist all the staff I face but they are very kind.start from the checkup went in operation that im alone they take care of me,I feel like my parents take care of me as they take care of me, they are not hard to please and they make sure I am comfortable with everything.To the doctor who held me Dr. Mitra Thank you so much, He’s just not a good doctor. but he was also a very kind person.from the time I was confined to the check up until i tested positive in covid He keep in touch If i need him then went in operation he would check again if I was in good condition.he is not difficult to please and he listens to everything I say, a call or message to them is a big thing as well, they will help you as much as they can. He makes sure that I feel good and he makes me feel that everything will be fine.Once again thank you for everything, All of you did a great job. 💪♥️read more
maribeth lopez
11:56 31 May 21
Dr. Mitra is one of the best doctors I came... across.I really like the way he explained from start to end about the problem I was having, how it happened and how to deal with it, how I can avoid it in future.He is very polite and cooperative, welcomes all concerns and questions.read more
Sadatullah Khan
07:52 27 May 21
Dr Mitra has treated my friend surgery in May... 2021. I think he did an amazing job. He is highly skilled, knowledgeable, honest and caring. Most importantly he has helped me reacquire my former quality of life! I heard positive reviews of people who had gone to him for surgery. Now I can add my personal high recommendation for him.read more
Rizwan a
04:31 27 May 21
I had lap cholecystectomy few weeks back and I... can say Dr. Mitra is very approachable and have excellent patient care and great follow up even on his off duty hours.I have fully recovered now and grateful for Dr. Mitra's professionalism and patient care approachread more
cormar 625
00:58 20 May 21
I had wonderful experience from the Dr.Rajarshi... mitra, when i had the treatment sessions with him. He is so brilliant, co operative and above all so nice dealing with me during the treatment sessions. After the surgery doctor had given me so much care and confidence. He is so kind that anytime we can reach through phone or WhatsApp without any hustle.Wishing all the best to Dr.Rajarshi mitra.read more
Satheesan Kv
16:46 19 May 21
Dr Mitra is one of the best doctor who's take... care of my mother. He is professional and he knows well what he is doing.My mother is a doctor so dealing with her needs more patience and honest. She was asking for everything and he was more than happy to answer all her questions and clear all her concerns. I am glad that he is the doctor who take care of my mother and really I appreciate his efforts in following up on her Heath condition even after we left the hospital.Thank you so much doctor and all the best.read more
Mariam Almaqtari
14:53 19 May 21
Very Good Doctor , Friendly and good caring . I... am really satisfied in the treatment . And the important thing is can call or text to doctor any time for the doubts. Thank you very much.read more
Bineesh Kannara
09:17 19 May 21
Few weeks back, I had a heavy and rapidly... intensifying pain in the center of my abdomen, followed by high BP, fever and shivering. Since I was diagnosed earlier for gall bladder stones, I was sure that it is time for an urgent surgery. Since my regular Doctor was away from the Country, decided to look for another good, specialist surgeon who is well experienced in both laparoscopic and general surgery. My Google search led me to Dr. Rajarshi Mitra @ NMC Specialty Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Impressed with the reviews both in numbers and rating, decided to consult Dr.Mitra. From the moment I entered the doors to his office, I felt welcomed, cared for, and completely at ease. Dr. Mitra is an excellent, caring, and competent surgeon; He combines expertise and a willingness to listen and discuss. This doctor is truly exceptional! Highly recommend him.read more
Jothikrishnan G
08:40 19 May 21
16:13 06 May 21
Nermeen Lotfi
16:06 06 May 21
Thank you Dr. Mitra
Wency Tongol
16:04 06 May 21
Amanuel Berhe Debas
11:05 03 May 21
amila jayashantha
09:24 27 Apr 21
Graham Parsons
06:10 27 Apr 21
vijay puli
22:37 24 Apr 21
My experience with Dr. Mitra has been the best... from start to finish. Prior to the surgery he made sure to explain to me all the available surgeries and which work best for my case. Great patient care during the surgery, and excellent follow up for my recovery in which Dr. Mitra was available at all time for contact even on non working hours. Since then i have made full recovery and extremely grateful to Dr. Mitra effort during the whole processes.read more
Mohamad Rached
10:01 24 Apr 21
Aulad khan Khan
16:48 22 Apr 21
Ahmed Javaid
08:35 21 Apr 21


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