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Dr Rajarshi Mitra provides the following  specialized surgical services in a JCI Accredited Hospital

Day Care Surgery Specialist Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Gallstones Cholecystectomy in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Pilonidal Sinus in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Hemorrhoids Piles in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Anal Fissure in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Anal Fistula in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Inguinal Hernia in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Umbilical Hernia in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Ventral Hernia in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon for Appendicitis in Abu Dhabi UAE
Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids in Abu Dhabi UAE
Laser for Pilonidal Sinus in Abu Dhabi UAE
Best Surgeon in Abu Dhabi UAE
Before the operation began, he explained everything very clearly and when the operation began, he reassured me that he was able to get rid of my very painful illness. After the operation, I came back to see that everything was normal. Thank you very much, Dr. Mitra. You are very good.👍👋
Dr. Mitra is well experienced and very friendly, who did my surgery ,I am very happy that i don't have any kind of issues after the procedure. Thank you Doctor Mitra.
I would highly recommend Doctor Mitra as he is very professional surgeon, i visited him due to gall stones in my gall bladder during my visit to his OPD he has explained me the procedure of Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery in very polite way. i had my surgery and post surgery care and follow up from doctor was very helpful in my recovery. Despite being one of the best and busiest surgeon of town Doctor Mitra is always very responsive.I would recommend him to others as he is highly competent surgeon and kind human being. Thanks Doctor Mitra
Met Dr. Rajashri Mitra for gallstones. He answered all my queries patiently and clearly without overstating or understating any information which was reassuring before surgery.I recovered from surgery without any complications and experienced expected outcomes like he mentioned. Followed his advice on food and activity postop, feeling less bloated and more comfortable.Dr. Mitra was truthful and kindand addressed my every concern during admission with dignity.More power to him.God bless the work of his hands.
Dr. Mitra is very helpful and friendly with his patient we want more of him in this Industry 🤗
I am grateful that I did my surgery (removal of lump on the scalp) with Dr Mitra. He is very kind accommodative and explains everything to you in a very simple way that you understand what is really the issue. During the procedure he explains what isbeing done and you get prepared mentally on what to expect. I really recommend Dr Mitra and his great services before during and afterare of the procedure.
I got my sugery done from NMC by Dr. Mitra. He is one of the empathatic yet proffesional person. I am so grateful that I got in touch with Mr. Mitra . I would be thankful to him for all the guidance and would recommend him for his consultation.
Well recommended, will care for you from the start till end and even went extra mile to help ☺️ Thank you so much dr for taking care of me ☺️❤️
Dr Mitra is the best. I just had recently (January13, 2023) laparoscopic cholecystectomy with him due to multiple cholelithiasis or multiple stones in my gall bladder as seen in ultrasound with symptoms of severe abdominal pain.When I found out I was having multiple stones in my gall bladder, I prayed to the Lord to give me the best surgeon for the best opinion on my case.I thank God for sending me to Dr Mitra. He's really the best. And he's so humble and gentle to his patients. He willCommunicate with his patients by phone calls and WhatsApp messaging.God bless you always Dr Mitra !
Millions of thanks to Dr.Rajarshi Mitra who is 1 of the best surgeons in UAE.Day one to Recovery period, Dr. Cares for patient like a family member which is something extra ordinary which makes patient comfort and safe.I wish him all the Best for future endeavourI would Highly recommend for Dr.Rajarshi Mitra.
Excellent medical care experience. Kudos to Dr. Mitra and his staff for treating me with utmost care and highest standards.
The hospital is not new to me as I've been there before for other health issue. But it was my first time seeing Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. Honestly, I am having hesitancy if I will push through with my operation because I am very nervous and afraid of needles much more with operation. Thank God, after meeting with dr.Mitra my thinking changed. He is very kind and patient in explaining my case. He showed interest and concern about me, up to the point of sharing his contact number for any issues I have in mind. From first day to operation and up to follow up, he continuously showed care and concern about me. His expertise in his field and establishing rapport to his patients like me changed my concepts about hospitalization. There is no doubt I would recommend him to anyone needing surgical procedures. Thank you Dr. Rajarshi Mitra! God bless you.
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is a nice doctor with good experience. Half of my pain was gone when I consulted with him, a kind and patient doctor. And he's also an excellent surgeon and well-skilled surgeon. I have been through surgery twice and with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is the best one. I highly recommend Dr. Rajarshi Mitra.
I thank God for leading me to NMC hospital and meeting Dr. Mitra was the best solution to my nightmare. When I was told I had to undergo a surgery My God I was so scared. And I kept thinking 🤔 asking questions like, will I be able to survive the pain?? Will it really be successful? A lot of questions were running through my mind but Dr Mitra took out time to calm my nerves and explain to me with an assurance that everything will be done before I know it and truly everything was done before I knew it. His service is the best. He did follow up for pre and post operation to be sure that his patients is recovering in a good state without any complications. A big thank you to Dr. Mitra and all the nurses that took care of me. I felt save being in their care. Kudos to u all. To the public, take your health problems to NMC hospital there u will meet Dr. Mitra who will be the solution to your problems.
Dr.Rajarshi Mitra is very kind surgeon and very helpful. The Pioneer Surgeon in Abu Dhabi you can trust, Since last 30 years experience in Abu Dhabi Hospitals I never met a Highly talented, caring Doctor like Dr Mitra He’s very very kind and dedicated in his professional field along with kindness that is required by the indeed patient.I am thankful Dr. Mitra, during last week's treated my surgery.Best regards
This was a first surgery in my life. I never feel lonely because support of Dr. Rajarshi. Very good man and professional 👍.
Dr.Rajashri Mitra is very professional and friendly. Communicate clearly with the patient and give timely advise even thru WhatsApp.Good luck Dr.Mitra.
Never felt so comfortable having consulting a doctor. Dr Mitra is very empathetic, kind and very meticulous about explaining very minute detail, gave so much comfort and hope. I wish there was a 5+ ratings option available.Thanks a ton Doctor.
Dr.Rajarshi Mitra was a wonderful surgeon and was always helpful and kind. The Pioneer Surgeon in Abu Dhabi you can trust, in my 8 years’ experience in Abu Dhabi Hospitals I never met a Highly talented, caring Doctor like this. He’s very understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a Surgeon.Dr.Rajarshi Mitra has gone above and beyond to make sure I am completely healthy and comfortable after surgery. He never missed to reply to my queries/messages 24/7 and kept a check on my health status even after discharge. I’m extremely thankful and I wish him all the success in his future endeavors .Thank you once again, Doctor.
Dr.Rajarshi MitraGuide me very well about my condition and what was required to be done and was very supportive before and after my surgery.He is very kind and listens to all my concern.Im thankful and grateful to you and your team.❤
Dr.Rajarshi Mitra is a very good surgeon and he and NMC hospital staff ensured that the surgery and all the corresponding procedures went in a very professional manner right till the discharge.Also he's always available for advices on phone and helpful in follow up appointments as well.Surely recommended.
Dr. Mitra is a wonderful and very distinguished doctor, one of the best people ever. I wish him success❤️
Dr Mitra was very kind, informative and listened to any concerns that I had. He is clearly an expert in his field.
Dr Mitra the young friendly and smiling fellow, at the OPD assured me that nothing to worry and the surgery would be like nothing happened, he was true to his words all went well by the grace of God, and I feel nothing. Good job done may God bless and guide his hands always
The visit to Dr. Rajarshi, was a notable one.. I was treated the well, from my initial consultation right through to my surgery and post surgery needs.. Best patient treatment and making me feel comfortable through it all..He explained the issue (small growth) and the procedure I would go through and when I felt uncomfortable inbetween he made sure it was dealt with and went out of his way to contact me for my surgery recovery..Would definitely recommend his services
The doctor’s approach is positive…. He constantly motivated me before and after my treatment…. He also guides for the proper food habits
This is highly rated hospital In the UAE. It helps me a lot, they take care of me, the staffs. And also, thanks to my doctor because he helped me to recover fast.
Best doctor in auh , so kind , very professional, giving enough times to study my cases , I'm feeling very comfortable after the surgery
Dr.Rajarshi Mitra Specialist Laparoscopic doctor is very kind.For me,Doctor Mitra is very excellent to handle the safe and very fast recovery.thank you very much, Dr.Mitra.
Dr.Rajashri Mitra was friendly and helpful. I especially liked and appreciate how Dr.Mitra really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options. He really made me feel comfortable prior and post surgery. Doctor himself did a personal multiple follow ups at regular intervals after surgery to check patients condition through WhatsApp which I found really kind and unique. I highly recommend Dr.Mitra to other patients.
I visited to NMC Specialty Hospital Abu Dhabi for my gallbladder operation,I was under observation of Dr. Rajarshi Mitra Surgeon, he’s very polite, friendly, understanding and experienced doctor,Even after discharge from hospital and till now he’s continuously asking about my health, he’s very caring and one of the best surgeon in Abu Dhabi.
Very happy with the treatment received. The doctor is very approachable and listens to your problems patiently. Also being responsive on whatsapp, it was easy to connect for the ones where don't actually need to visit the hospital. Thanks a lot doctor!
The complete journey with Dr.Mitra during my Hernia surgery was very nice and supportive ..He answered all my queries patiently and understandable way.He guided me very well on what to be followed in the recovery phase..Thank you so much..
Dr Rajarshari Mitra surgeon in NMC hospital Abu Dhabi is kind and well experienced doctor as per my experience Thank you doctor for kind treatments Best wishes for your professional life 🧬
I would highly recommend Doctor Mitra as he is very professional surgeon, i visited him due to gall stones in my gall bladder during my visit to his OPD he has explained me the procedure of Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery in very polite way. i had my surgery and post surgery care and follow up from doctor was very helpful in my recovery. Despite being one of the best and busiest surgeon of town Doctor Mitra is always very responsive.I would recommend him to others as he is highly competent surgeon and kind human being. Thanks Doctor Mitra.
Went to Dr Mitra on 17th July first time due to Pilonidal sinus quiet painful and swollen that time. Explained to me the procedure and step by step process to how to handle this painful problem. Wether its MRI or laser surgery, he took personal interest for my insurance approval of all the process and i got my surgery done by 24th Aug. I never had surgery before so i was quite nervous. He is so gentle and always available on WhatsApp even during his brief vacation after my surgery he was so helpful in followup. The way he took care of me i dont think so even my father would do that. For Pilonidal sinus patients!! I would recommend go to Dr Mitra with your eyes closed... My 3 years of suffering has ended in a month or so with painless Laser treatment. Im still in contact with him for my weekly report (not required tho im still in contact) through WhatsApp and he is always available.
I got my surgery last 08th August 2022. From my owened experience Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is the super coolest and best Dr. who took care of me. He always supervised and keep looking of my health condition since day 1 until I recovered. His very responsive and informative interm of all the questions you want to ask. May God bless your beautiful and kind soul Dr. Mitra.
It’s good experience . Doctor give all the support .After doing surgery doctor contacted frequently for asking my health condition . I felt so good for it. Thank you doctor
Totally satisfied with NMC & Dr Mitra. The surgery / procedure was very smooth and painless. I felt very comfortable & relaxed as I was in safe hands.
Supporting and motivating attitude.Doctor is reachable for Guidance and instruction at any time. Clear guidance and support before and after surgery.Thanks for the all supports.
Last few months i'm suffering Gallbladder Stones pain.I had laparoscopy surgery 1weeks ago performed by Dr. Rajarshi Mitra.This is the first medical surgery in my life.He gave very thorough explanations before the procedure and made me very optimistic about the surgery and the procedure went very well and the dr.was always checking on me durning my recovery and i felt very comfortable and relaxed.1days after the surgery i was discharged from the hospital and dr. mitra still took very good care of me and still checks on me through WhatsApp on how i am recovering.He is very humble and caring,one of the very best dr. i have seen in my life.Thank you so much Dr. Mitra for your care and loved.I pray to the Almighty Allah❤️ always be healthy.
I just recently done my cholecystectomy under DR Mitra. He was the best doctor for cholecystectomy. He will give you the best quality of service you deserved.. Godbless doc always... Melissa B. Fabros
On August 1,2022 I have scheduled to do operations for my removal of gallbladder stones, For my experience it was good especially the doctors who assign to do the operations. I recovered fast and two times go follow up check,meeting the opd And thank you to my best Dr. Rajashi Mitra for the operations successful and good.
Dr.Rajarshi Mitra was a wonderful surgeon and was always helpful and kind. Not only has he taken great care of my surgery, but also he is caring to speak with at every appointment. The doctor and Hospital staff ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. Dr.Rajarshi Mitra has gone above and beyond to make sure I am completely healthy and comfortable after surgery. He never missed to reply to my queries/messages 24/7 and kept a check on my health status even after discharge. I’m extremely thankful and I wish him all the success in his future endeavors. Thank you once again, Doctor. Given any day I would recommend him to anyone!
Actually first of all i really like the NMC hospital and there service and of course without Dr its not complete. Dr mitra is one of the best person and surgeon alos what I feel there I had two times surgery and both time I feel the person honest , great attitude making me always calm relax and everytime I feel his positive and making me more happy and giving me amazing service. Really Dr mitra is the inspiration . Thank you and godbless him🙏
I had severe Abdomen pain since two months, As I visited to NMC Healthcare, One of my friend suggested to take an appointment with Dr.Rajarshi Mitra , During first visit in OPD , Dr.Rajarshi asked friendly about the health issue, And After some medical tests and USG , Dr. dragonized me with Inguinal Hernia to the Left side, He advised me for Surgery. Initially i was very afraid as this was my first surgery. But Dr.given me confidence,courage to face this situation.He told me the Complete pre operative and Post Operative care information.The OPD Staff was also Supportive and kind. Dr. Rajashri was so humble and kind to answer all my queries.On the day of Surgery he personally visited to see me to boost my courage for Surgery to get rid of that severe painwhich i was facing. As the surgery performed , Dr. Meet me in the ward and Checked my health condition and started Medicines.and advised for Follow up. I am very much Thankful to the Dr.Rajarshi for his kind gesture, clearing all doubts and boostingPatients confidence to get rid of pain. I will tell to friends to refer him for Laparoscopic Surgeries as Dr, Rajarshi had very Good experience in Surgery. I wish him Good Health and Prosperity.I will never forget Such a Wonderful Personality who is serving mankind with his experience in Surgeries by relieving the Pain of Patients. "Serving to Humanity is serve to God".
Wonderful experience with Dr. Rajarshi mitra is the wonderful surgeon. He is explained me each and everything in a very clear manner, and also nice to speak with him at every appointment and give me a best advice for health. Thank you so much sir ji your patient manjeet Singh. 👍🙏🙏
Thank you so much Dr.Rajarshi Mitra for your kind and thoughtful concern in regard to my health and providing me with excellent medical and physical care.You are truly a remarkable doctor and professional that we respect and trust.I appreciate very well how you deal and you follow up with your patients!I feel so blessed to know you and have you as my doctor.God bless you🙏
I had a Wonderful experience with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra .He was a wonderful surgeon, He was kind and friendly ,He explained everything to me in a clear manner.the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured pre surgery preparation , surgery and follow-up. I am so glad to chose him and would highly recommend to anyone.
A Doctor, Surgeon AND a Gentleman.I needed Laparoscopic surgery for a minor condition.I used Daman to find a qualified physician.Purely through other reviews, I selected Doctor Mitra.In part that decision was made because of his reported availability and the ability of patients to contact him directly.From our first contact, I was treated like a VIP, both Dr. Mitra and all of his staff and nursing staff are true professionals.Every aspect of my forthcoming surgery was explained to me.I was led through every step and all of my administrative requirements were taken care of by his staff and the NMC Hospital.My surgery was quick, painless and I was able to go home that evening.My follow up visit was well organised and well managed.Even after full discharge, Doctor Mitra has maintained contact directly with me, checking on my progress and well being.Very glad to have met him and received his wonderful care.Very highly recommended Surgeon.
Highly recomended doctor.very informative ,effecient and approachable,my scar doesn't looks bad too and it heals immediately.thanks Dr. Rajarshi Mitra all the best👍👍👍
Dr. Mitra is one of the best surgeons in the UAE. One month ago, I had a hemorrhoidactamy and laser surgery for my hemorrhoids issue, which had bothered me for the past two years. Dr. Mitra explained very well about my situation at the consultation time. If you are looking for a doctor that explains your options rather than throws you into surgery immediately, then Dr. Mitra is the right doctor for you. Right from the first consultation, he answered my questions in a very direct and concrete way. He has implemented the surgery successfully and as painlessly as possible. He also walked me through the recovery period and what to expect. Post surgery, I am feeling much better and his follow-up ensures my medication is properly taken care of. Thank you, Dr. Mitra, for all your support, professionalism, and welcoming attitude. God bless.
A thorough professional. Very kind and listens to all our concerns. Always available on WhatsApp to help and follow up was excellent.
The Doctor Rajarshi Mitra was referred to us by our friend with their good experiences. Yes, really we are thankful to them for referring Doctor Mitra. The Doctor explained very well on our health status and advised on the treatments which help us to take an appropriate decision for our treatments/procedures. The best part from the Doctor he is very much approachable through his contact/watsapp to call or msg him at any point of time which helps us to avoid Mendel stress after the treatment and surgery recovery situation. Overall the we are very happy towards the consultation, surgery and the recovery stage with Doctor Mitra. I would like to convey my Big Thanks to the Doctor Mitra for his assistance on my health recovery.
One of the best docotor i ever met, Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, He did my Gallbladder surgery....!If there is any confusions or any questions, he is alwys available and never miss our calls.No words to say about his caring and concerns. Even discharged from hospital, he was very keen about my health and many times he called.His ethics and passion as a docotr is highly appreciable....!!Praying for him and let God strengthen his hands to heal many!!Highly recommended surgeon in Abudhabi!!All the best Dr. Rajarshi...!!
Recently, my mother was treated by Dr.Mitra. In my humble opnion, you can't get a better doctor than Dr.Mitra. A genuinely good person , very polite and humble. Before surgery, and post surgical treatment was superb. 100% reliable.
My son was diagnosed last month with Perforated Appendicitis. Dr. Rajarshi Mitra performed a surgery immediately that night itself without considering his duty timing. He was a wonderful and well experienced surgeon. He is calm and kind and has taken good care of my son post the surgery and follow up. He also explained about the surgery in an easy, and understandable way and helped him recover soon. Thank you very much Dr. Mitra and staff for your excellent Service.
I visited Dr. Mitra for my wife Gall stone surgery and I am writing to thank Dr. Mitra and his staff for the excellent care extended during the entire course of our visit. My wife has recovered fully within a weeks time. We felt that we have got the best medical care and Coming here is like dealing with a trusted family member.Thanking you once again Dr. Mitra, to all nurses and staff members of NMC.
Dr Mitra guided me very well about my condition and what was required to be done and was very supportive before and after my surgery and best ppart was that he was always reachable and himself kept follow up with me post surgery as well. Highly recommended..
When I found out that I have stones in my gall bladder. I googled for a specialist who could do the surgery for me. I can say that I've made the right decision. Dr Mitra ensured that I had a smooth pre-operative, surgery, and follow-up. He is compassionate, extremely knowledgeable and informative in his field, explain everything well and always has time to listen and answer any questions. I appreciate the quality of his patient care and highly recommended!
I can say that Dr. Mitra is a very good doctor!!…he is friendly to his patient….i just finished my laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery one week ago…he is too much caring to his patient…..
Had an amazing experience with Dr Mitra. Not only is he punctual but probably one of the dew doctors who’s readily available at all times via Phone/message. Highly approachable.
Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Abu Dhabi. Doctor Mitra is very caring and accomodating to his patients. He will make sure that you are getting the very best treatment. Thank you Doctor.
Very good doctor, was my first surgery was very understanding and calm atmosphere very good care and handling thank you doctor
Dr. Mitra is such a caring and professional doctor. He did a great job and ensured that I had the best result possible. He made sure to check on me and made me comfortable asking questions and seeking reassurance. I would definitely recommend him!
Dear Dr. Rajarshi Mitra,I would like to thank you, your staff, those involved in the surgery and NMC Healthcare Facility for the great care before and after the successful surgery procedure last May 6, 2022.It has been a wonderful experience to be under your care and the Facility (NMC), from pre-ops, surgery and follow ups.Making yourself easily reachable through whatsapp anytime in the comfort of your Patient.I would highly recomend you and NMC Healthcare Facility to anyone.Once again, thank you. I am feeling much better and I appreciate all that you have done.
My gall bladder surgery date was next day and unfortunately my surgeon landed up into medical leave . Dr. Mitra was suggested and honestly taking. a decision at that time was a bit difficult as there just was no interaction in between us .But I must admit I am happy I did so , to get such a crafted skilled surgeon. I met him just entering operation theatre . He introduced and made me comfortable with his kind words .in fact for him too must have been a last minute case but he just did very smoothly . I was on my toes the next day with no complications at all . Today I don’t remember I underwent a surgery. That’s great . All credits to Doctor Mitra and his team. Stay blessed
Dr. Rajarshi is very professional and friendly. He has explained the pre and post op procedures of my laparoscopy. I was not anxious in the operating room because of him. My recovery and follow ups are painless. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. Rajarshi.
Three months ago my son felt painful on butt and then we decided to take a surgery from Dr. Rajarshi. I was satisfied at the result of it until now. So I think he is one of best doctors who I have experienced. He is very kind, friendly and professional. Actually my big concern while living abroad is medical service because there is no available information about it. However It is a real fortune to my family that we encounter him. So I strongly recommend to those who have a difficuly in finding a good doctor. I will contact again him whenever something wrong happen. Finally I hope everybody keep healthy and good luck to my excellent doctor.
We went to different doctors. Dr. Mitra is the only one who treated my condition successfully. Very nice doctor!
Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is very professional, calm, good in explaining and also he performed my appendectomy laparoscopically and i am totally satisfied with my treatment.Addition to that he is easily reachable to answer all your queries over call or social media.Thank you Dr. Mitra
Dr. Mitra is a very professional surgeon. He's very acommodating and helpful. He's approachable and answers all the questions in a simple way. I highly recommend him.


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