Hernia Treatment

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Dr. Rajarshi Mitra

Expert Laparoscopic Surgeon With 20+ Years of Global Experience

Hernia Treatment Options Provided By Dr. Rajarshi Mitra

Medical Management In Reem Island

Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy

Surgical Fundoplication

Hernia Mesh Repair

Component Separation Technique

Open Herniorrhaphy (Only if required)

Thank you very much for the excellent treatment, excellent work and perfect achievement. I wish you good health and that you get what you wish for.
Big thanks for Dr. Rajarshi mitra taking care of me. And i recovered in a short time than I expected. Thank you NMC for having a top notch specialist like Dr mitra,❤️
I recently underwent hernia surgery under Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. My experience during his NMC hospital visits and pre/post surgical procedures and consultations was highly satisfying. From my experience Dr. Mitra is extremely compassionate and helpful as he replies every small queries on whatsapp even sometimes on his non working hours .I felt very safe and comfortable throughout this process. I highly recommend him for his sympathetic and friendly nature...
This Was My Whole Life 1st Surgery And DR.Mithra Such a Great Doctor I have Seen In My Life, Appreciate As Always To Protect My Life And God Bless You All Your TeamKindly RegardsLokamunna Acharige Laksiri
I have good experience with doctor, after diagnosis i was disappointed but doctor give me good briefing about my disease now i am alright
Dear Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care you provided during my recent surgery. Your kindness, attentive nature, and willingness to address all my concerns made a significant impact on my overall experience. I felt genuinely comforted by your presence, and your ability to listen and respond to my questions put me at ease. Thank you so much Dr. Rajarshi for all the kindness, great care during my pre and post operation. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to your patients, and I feel truly blessed to have had you as my surgeon. May God continue to bless you in your noble profession, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of surgical expertise. Thank you once again for your outstanding care. With heartfelt appreciation.
I had a hernia and went to theDr. Rajarshi Mitra who allayed my fears and explained what to do before and after the surgery and successfully completed it. He explained very clearly what needs to be done after the surgery and reassured.Anytime I contacted him via phone or WhatsApp regarding my surgery, he answered my calls without any hesitation.Thank You Dr. Mitra
I underwent treatment with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra recently. I am very satisfied with his treatment. I underwent surgery to have my gallbladder removed. My OPD Visits were very satisfactory. Surgery was also very smooth. Post surgery visits were highly satisfying. Now I am back to work as usual. Finally I thank Dr. Mitra from the bottom of my heart for successfully treating me. He had been readily available on WhatsApp chat too for any immediate advice.I also thank all the staff of NMC. They took great care during surgery & during stay in ward post surgery.
Very Good & Professional Doctor, i Never felt like I got operation. It was so smooth from begning to End . Medication and personal care from doctor was another level of Experience. Doctors like Rajshree are very beneficial for the society.
I am blessed that you are my doctor! I have great confidence in you and your abilities.Thank you so much for the great care and surgery you performed on me.I am very happy with doctor. I am away from my home country . And he was always available in call to guide & support me .Once again God Bless you sir 🙏 .Thanking youignatius joseph
I recently underwent fistula surgery under Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. My experience during his clinic visits and pre/post surgical procedures and consultations was highly satisfying. From my experience Dr. Mitra is extremely compassionate and helpful as he replies every small queries on whatsapp even sometimes on his non working hours .I felt very safe and comfortable throughout this process. I highly recommend him for his sympathetic and friendly nature...
I recently underwent gallbladder removal surgery under Dr. Rajarshi Mitra. My experience during his clinic visits and pre/post surgical procedures and consultations was highly satisfying. From my experience Dr. Mitra is a very approachable, patient, comforting and reassuring doctor. I felt very safe and comfortable throughout this process.
Highly recommended for his exceptional medical skills and compassionate patient care. I had my gallbladder removed in NMC Specialty a week ago under his care. It was my first time to visit him and I really appreciate how he explained my condition and the surgery I need. In his very calm way of communicating made me feel safe, confident and cared. He made sure that I am doing well pre and post surgery. To Dr. Mitra and his team , I am very thankful for your compassion and dedication to you chosen field. Praying for you safety 🙏🏻🙏🏻Godbless you and your family 😇😇
Would like to thank Dr Rajarshi Mitra for the support and care provided during pre and post surgery / medical checks. During this period all my doubts related to food/diet, exercises and use of medication were properly clarified and even when i called the Dr. at odd hours for doubts/questions my calls were answered. Thanks again for the utmost care offered during the healing process ..
Dr Rajarshi Mitra has performed my wife's gallbladder surgery very smoothly.Doctor has really helped us very well during overall surgery process.During every pre and post surgery appointments he has been very polite and calm in answering our doubts.I will surely recommend Dr. Mitra for gallbladder treatment's .
I had my gallbladder removal surgery from Dr Rajarshi Mitra. I was anxious as this was my first surgery. But Dr Mitra made this surgery simple and easy.He guided me through all processes and procedures before surgery. Also, provided a thorough consultation and care post surgery as well. I am recovering very well after surgery.I would like to say a big Thanks to Dr Mitra. Highly recommended.
My experience with Dr. Mitra was great! Zero Complaints. Quick and comfortable consultation in the OPD. The care provided for the operation as well as the Post-Op follow up is commendable.
GooddayI just shared my experience with my gallstone removal surgery, with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra he explained all the procedures well and that my surgery went well with him and that I recovered quickly. Thank you for treating me well. Thank you, God may bless you.
Dr. Mitra was recomended by one of my friend who had a laparascopic cholecystectomy, I had the same procedure a week ago at first i was so hesitant to do the procedure, He explained it to me every single detail of the procedure why it was needed and all the things that i needed to know before during and after surgery. He is one of the best and one of most professional Doctor that i have met, Life is safer with a Doctor like you 🙏 highly recomended! once again thank you Doc 🙏 keep yourself and ur patients safe as always!
Greetings,I underwent a surgery on January 2024, performed by Dr. Mitra at NMC speciality hospital, Abu Dhabi. Actually, I was too scared about the surgery and before the surgery I read all the reviews about Dr. then I decided to visit the doctor. After first visit also frankly speaking, I was not ready for surgery. But doctor advised me very calmly and explained the facts and I was convinced and made up my mind for the surgery. I appreciate doctor’s calmness and softness and he is a great listener. Sometimes a patient needs a good doctor with listening skill. I must say it is a great skill. And after the surgery he was very much available for me through WhatsApp and he replied to my concerns from time to time. He never ignored me during post operation days and that was a great support for me. I will definitely recommend Dr. Mitra. In fact, I have already given his contact to my colleagues already.Dr. Mitra, please keep your character the same and may God bless you abundantly.
My experience with Dr. Mitra's expertise was when I had my gallbladder removal surgery alongside an umbilical hernia repair.I had heard all sorts of horrific experiences of people having excruciating pain after the gallbladder removal and consulted Dr. Mitra about all of it before going in for the surgery.Dr. Mitra is a cool, calm, and realistic doctor who puts things in perspective without alarming you. His vast experience across the globe and his expertise is a blessing. My pre-op consultation was very thorough and he did not leave a stone unturned to ensure there would be no other complications. He is extremely 'patient' centric and asked me to contact him anytime if I was anxious and needed to know anything more.Post surgery, he visited me before he left for the day to check that everything was OK and I was being monitored and followed up with timely visits until I was discharged on the 3rd day. I am recovering really well, thanks to Dr. Mitra and have planned another hernia repair that needs doing. I would confidently put my life in Dr. Mitra's hands.Truly an exceptional doctor and 5 stars are limiting. Thank you!Best wishes.
I had the privilege of being under the care of Dr. Rajarshi Mitra my recent appendicitis surgery. His expertise and professionalism were evident throughout the entire process. The surgery was successfully completed, and I am grateful for the excellent care provided. Dr. Rajarshi Mitra ensured a smooth recovery, and I highly recommend their services.
Dr. Mitra, was a very nice Dr. He is a Approciable and the way he talk to the Patient was very cool. I was under go in surgery to Dr. Mitra and it was good and Successful.. thank you Dr.
Great Experience With Dr Rajarshi Mitra, I had to do a cyst removal. He examined and explained all details about the growth and what would be the procedure for removal.For assurance that the growth is not abnormal he conducted some tests and inspections and after all results he made sure that I was comfortable. During the cyst removal i didn't feel a little pain throughout the surgery.Doctor is accessible and is always available over WhatsApp or phone pre or post surgery.Thank you Dr Mitra for all your efforts and the good care given at NMC AbuDhabi.
I had hernia surgery, doctor has been supportive from the start to end process. Doctor was reachable on call/ chat which is also very useful. Surgery was done smoothly and I am recovering speedily.
I recently underwent a cyst removal surgery on my neck performed by Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, and I couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. From the initial consultation to the post-operative care, every aspect of my journey was outstanding.Dr. Rajarshi Mitra is not only a highly skilled and experienced surgeon but also an empathetic and caring professional. During the consultation, they took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure, addressing all my concerns and ensuring I felt comfortable and informed.The surgery itself was a success, and I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Rajarshi Mitra's precision and expertise. The follow-up appointments were thorough, demonstrating a genuine commitment to my recovery and well-being.I highly recommend Dr. Rajarshi Mitra to anyone in need of surgical expertise coupled with genuine care. Thank you for your exceptional service.
A great experience as a first timer. Dr. Rajarshi is extremely knowledgeable ,high experienced, helpful and has a friendly approach . He took his time to explain my conditions and the treatment options.
Dr.Rajarshi mithra was a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose NMC abudhabi and would highly recommend to anyone.
Doctor Mitra is one of the best doctors I have met so far. I had my second surgery with him, from the OPD, the surgery done and the post operative follow-up, excellent, high standard medical practice, truly one of the best.You deserve more than 5 stars.And thank you Doctor Mitra👍👍.
My surgery experience with Dr. rajarshi mitra has been very good. He talks very well and my gallstones were in the last stages but he performed my surgery best based on his best experience and best knowledge. My whole family's prayers are with you. Thank you very much 🫡🤲🤲🤲🤲
One of the best doctors who knows how to explain the disease and how to rectify it with medication and with surgery.
In November 2023, I had the privilege of being under the care of Dr. Rajarshi Mitra, a specialist and surgeon whose professionalism and expertise stand out in my extensive experience with medical professionals.From the outset, Dr. Mitra's approach was thoroughly professional. He meticulously verified the diagnosis through recommended tests, ensuring no detail was overlooked. His ability to explain complex medical information in an easily understandable manner was particularly reassuring. This clarity was crucial in my decision to undergo surgery, a choice I am profoundly grateful for making today.The surgery itself proceeded exactly as Dr. Mitra had described, with no unexpected complications. His supportive presence during the pre-surgery process played a significant role in easing my anxieties and bolstering my confidence in the procedure.Post-surgery care is often where many practitioners fall short, but not Dr. Mitra. His kindness and attentiveness continued, evident in the comprehensive follow-up care I received. His accessibility for any concerns or questions I had post-operation was remarkable, always providing prompt and supportive responses.Having interacted with numerous doctors over the years, I can confidently assert that Dr. Mitra is a top-tier medical professional. More than his technical expertise, it is his humane approach to patient care that sets him apart. He is not just a highly skilled surgeon but also a genuinely kind human being.My journey through the pre-surgery, surgery, and post-surgery phases was smoother and more comfortable than I could have ever anticipated, thanks to Dr. Mitra. I write this review as a token of my deepest appreciation for all his efforts and to unequivocally recommend his services to anyone in need of expert medical care.Thank you, Dr. Mitra, for not just treating a patient, but for caring for a person.
I would like to thanks to Doc Rajarshi Mitra he was amazing and professional doctor...definitly recomended..
I'm delighted to share my positive experience with Dr. Mitra following a successful surgery. His expertise, compassion, and thorough communication made me feel confident and cared for throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Dr.Mitra for his exceptional medical skills and compassionate patient care.
Dr. Rajarshi is very attentive and provided us with the best care. A great proctologist and explained the surgery through each step and taken excellent care from start to finish.Very comfortable with doctor and found him very professional and helpful post-surgery as well. I highly recommend Dr. Rajarshi and thank you for all you have done.
You’re really an amazing Dr.I appreciate everything you did to my mother. She’s really happy, feeling great and healthy.Thank you a lot.Lots of regards,Mahasin
I’ve truly appreciated Dr. Mitra’s patience and empathy during my emergency laparascopic surgery. He took the time to listen to me and was very detailed in explaining to me what my health issue was and what needed to happen. His expertise on his field and his kindness gave me and my family the peace of mind to proceed with the operation. Post the successful surgery, he made sure that I was doing well and had been very responsive and accommodating to all my queries/concerns. To Dr. Mitra, thank you for your compassion and continued support to me as your patient.
HelloI would like to share my very good experience with Dr. Mitra who led very professionally the surgery I had to do recently.Thank you Dr. Mitra for your excellent follow-up post-surgery and the kindness I witnessed in all my visits to you.
I consulted Dr. Mitra for a cyst on my upper back. Dr advised to have a surgery done for removal of the same. I was very much tensed thinking of the surgery but Dr. Mitra told that it is a one day procedure and even assured that I will be alright in a week's time. The surgery went well. The post care advice given by Dr. Mitra helped me have a good and speedy recovery. Dr. Mitra is ready to listen to our concerns and is very patient in answering our doubts. May God bless Dr. Mitra and may his knowledge, experience and expertise be a blessing for many people facing health issues.
Selamat pagi dr.Rajarshi mitra.alhamdulilah ya Allah..aku sangat berterimakasi atas penanganan yang sangat baik.. Alhamdulillah sekarang saya sehat baik dan nga ada keluhan apa pun..aku sangat bangga dan terimakasih banyak oprasi nya lancar dan baik.terimakasih Alhamdulillah dr.rajarshi mitra.semoga kedepannya dr.rajarhi mitra..makin sukses dan pelayani pasen dengan baik..semoga Allah selalu melindungi dr.rajarshi mitra.sukses sehat selalu.terimakasih yang sangat banyak..🤲🤲🤲🤲
It was great experience with Dr. Rajarshi Mitra and he was a wonderful surgeon. Based on my experience during my surgery he made sure that I was doing well. It was very smooth and recovered fastly. Thank you so much dr. Rajarshi for all the kindness, great care during my pre and post operation

Specialist For Various Hernia Surgeries In Reem Island


Years Of Global Experience

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra treated Hernia patients all over the world. His mission is to help you regain your physical wellbeing and quality of life through new-age treatment.


5-Star Patient Reviews

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra's patients are not just cured and recovered faster from Hernia but they also received detailed pre-surgery and post-surgery guidance for assured relief.


Fully Recovered Patients

We're proud to share Dr. Rajarshi Mitra's wealth of experience in treating Hernia (medically and surgically), bringing relief and comfort back into the lives of his patients.

Why Dr. Rajarshi Mitra?

  • 20+ Years Of Surgical Expertise
  • 550+ Reviews From Recovered Patients
  • Multi-Country Training Experience
  • Cutting-Edge Surgical Techniques
  • Hernia Surgery Specialist

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra offers latest, advanced treatment options (minimally invasive and laparoscopic) for hernia patients in and around Reem Island.

With 20+ years of multi-country experience and an outstanding track record of hernia treatment & surgery, Dr. Mitra utilizes new-age treatment and state-of-the-art laparoscopic techniques to ensure a painless, fast-paced, and comfortable recovery.


What Exactly Is Hernia?

A hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue. The most common types include inguinal, hiatal, umbilical, and incisional hernias. 

An inguinal hernia, which appears in the inner groin, is the most frequent type, especially in men. Hiatal hernias occur when part of the stomach pushes through the diaphragm into the chest cavity.

Umbilical hernias are common in newborns and occur near the belly button, while incisional hernias can develop at the site of a previous surgery.

Hernias may be caused by a combination of muscle weakness and strain, such as lifting heavy objects, constipation, persistent coughing, or obesity. Symptoms often include a noticeable bulge, pain or discomfort, especially when bending over, coughing, or lifting, and a heavy or dragging sensation.

Treatment varies depending on the hernia type and severity. While some may be managed with lifestyle changes and monitoring, others require surgical repair to prevent complications like strangulation, where blood flow to the trapped tissue is cut off, leading to a medical emergency.

Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to managing hernias effectively.

What Are The Causes of Hernia?

Hernias are caused by a combination of muscle weakness and strain. Muscle weakness can be present at birth or develop later in life due to factors such as aging, injury, or previous surgeries. 

The strain on the body can come from various sources, including heavy lifting, chronic coughing, obesity, or constipation, all of which increase pressure on the abdominal cavity. For instance, heavy lifting without proper support can cause sudden strain, leading to an inguinal hernia, which is common among men. 

Chronic coughing, often seen in smokers or those with lung conditions, can gradually weaken the abdominal muscles, contributing to hernia formation. Similarly, obesity places additional pressure on the abdominal wall, making hernias more likely.

Pregnancy can also increase the risk of developing a hernia due to the added weight and pressure on the abdomen. Additionally, a family history of hernias can predispose individuals to similar issues due to genetic factors influencing muscle and tissue strength. 

Post-surgical patients may develop incisional hernias if the surgical wound doesn't heal properly, leading to a weak spot. Overall, the interplay between muscle weakness and various forms of physical strain is central to the development of hernias, highlighting the importance of addressing both aspects to prevent their occurrence.

Minimally Invasive

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra offers a whole range of treatments for hernia, including minimally invasive procedures like Laparoscopic Herniorrhaphy, Surgical Fundoplication, Mesh Repair, and Component Separation.

Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra will first personally assess your current condition and recommend the best treatment option specifically personalized for your condition to ensure the fastest recovery from any type of hernia.

Minimal Pain Treatment

Dr. Rajarshi Mitra uses modern techniques and anesthesia procedures to minimize discomfort during and after the hernia surgery. His patients report feeling much better shortly after Herniorrhaphy.

Common Symptoms of Hernia

Hernias present with various symptoms, primarily characterized by a noticeable bulge in the affected area. This bulge becomes more apparent when standing up, bending over, or coughing and often disappears when lying down.

Pain or discomfort, especially when lifting, bending, or coughing, is common and can range from a dull ache to sharp, severe pain. 

In the case of inguinal hernias, this discomfort might extend to the groin area. Some individuals experience a heavy or dragging sensation in the abdomen, indicating the internal pressure of the hernia.

In specific types of hernias, additional symptoms can arise. For instance, hiatal hernias often cause heartburn, regurgitation, and difficulty swallowing due to stomach acid moving up into the esophagus. 

Umbilical hernias, frequently seen in infants, might be painless but can cause discomfort when the baby cries or strains. Incisional hernias, occurring at surgical sites, typically present with a bulge and tenderness around the scar tissue.

If a hernia becomes strangulated, where the blood supply to the trapped tissue is cut off, symptoms escalate rapidly, leading to severe pain, nausea, vomiting, and potentially, fever.

This condition is a medical emergency requiring immediate intervention. Recognizing these symptoms early and seeking medical advice from Dr. Rajarshi Mitra can prevent complications and ensure effective treatment.

Advanced Treatment of Hernia

The treatment of hernias depends on the type, size, and severity of the condition. In some cases, particularly if the hernia is small and asymptomatic, a "watchful waiting" approach is adopted, where the hernia is monitored for any changes or progression. 

However, most hernias eventually require surgical intervention to prevent complications like incarceration or strangulation, where the blood supply to the herniated tissue is cut off, leading to severe pain and potential tissue death.

Surgical options for hernia repair include open surgery and laparoscopic surgery. In open surgery, a single, larger incision is made over the hernia site, and the protruding tissue is pushed back into place. The weakened muscle area is then repaired, often reinforced with a synthetic mesh to provide additional support and reduce the risk of recurrence. 

Laparoscopic surgery involves several small incisions and the use of a camera and specialized instruments to repair the hernia from inside the abdomen, also frequently utilizing mesh. This minimally invasive technique typically results in less postoperative pain and a quicker recovery time.

Post-surgery, patients are advised to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities for several weeks to allow proper healing. Pain management, dietary adjustments, and gradual return to normal activities are crucial aspects of postoperative care.

Early detection and timely treatment of hernias are essential to avoid complications and ensure a successful recovery.


Treatment For Any Type Of Hernia In Reem Island

Located around 20 minutes from Reem Island, Dr. Rajarshi Mitra uses his 20+ years of multi-country experience, especially in hernia treatment. His latest medical techniques are:

Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for minimal pain (almost painless) and minimal scarring.

Latest medical and surgical Procedures for all-around care and superfast recovery from any type of hernia.

Cutting-Edge and personalized treatment options for specific condition and need of each hernia patient.

Most advanced technology and equipment for hernia surgery.

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