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Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery For Anal Disorders

Advanced minimal surgery is also commonly known as Laparoscopic surgery is one of the most advanced surgical techniques that revolutionized modern healthcare. It provides the patients with excellent results with minimum interference as compared to the traditional open surgical procedure. Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) gives the surgeons the access to perform complex anatomical operations with smart and small surgical instruments. Normal physiological conditions of a patient remain intact with this technique and the patients often experience less pain and post-operative traumas due to advanced minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, MIS ensures faster recovery of patients and provides the surgeon with a chance to perform surgery in a better way.

Key Takeaways: Minimal invasive surgery is an effective surgical procedure where a small camera is inserted into the body of a patient with a small incision and the camera captures & transmits an image back to a video monitor. Based on that video images, the surgeons perform various laparoscopic surgeries for gallbladder, hernia, appendix, pilonidal sinus, anal fistula etc. This surgical technique also helps doctors in diagnosing and treating a variety of clinical conditions. The healthcare practitioners insert various surgical instruments like irrigation and drainage with the small incision to treat patients with clinical conditions. Kindly read the blog to know the benefits of advanced laparoscopic surgery and its implications for treating anal disorders.

What Is Anal Disorder and Its Treatment? The anus is the portion of your body that opens up to pass the stool out of your body. The problems in the Anus include hemorrhoids, abscesses, cracks, fissures, and cancer.  Patients generally experience pain and bleeding on their anus and move to the physicians for receiving treatment. Anal fissures are more common anal disorders and it needs immediate medical attention. An anal fissure looks like a paper cut and often causes pain, burning sensation, and on some occasions bleeding.  If problems of fissures continue for more than 8 weeks it is considered chronic. Thanks to the advanced minimally invasive surgery technique, anal disorders like hemorrhoids, anal fistula, pilonidal sinus and fissures are completely curable through laser treatment.

Hemorrhoidectomy: Hemorrhoids are one of the most common anal disorders and the surgery for this disease is called Hemorrhoidectomy. During Hemorrhoidectomy, the surgeons put patients under spinal or general anesthesia and insert surgical instruments through your anus to remove  Hemorrhoids. Prolapse of the Hemorrhoids is treated with a minimal invasive procedure popularly known as Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy and also by Doppler Guided Hemorrhoidal Mucopexy THD. It is a minimally invasive procedure to remove Hemorrhoids with the use of the circular stapled device to restore Hemorrhoid tissues back to their original condition to provide you with sufficient relief from the pain.

Laser Sphincterotomy: It is one of the most sophisticated advanced minimally invasive surgical treatments for extreme anal spasms and chronic anal fissures. Several data show that laser sphincterotomy is providing a better outcome for patients suffering from chronic anal fissures. Patients take less healing time in this surgical procedure. Moreover, they suffer no scars after minimally invasive Laser Sphincterotomy.

Advantages Of Laparoscopy:

  • Advanced minimally invasive surgery reduces postoperative discomfort & pain.
  •  Patients experience shorter days in the hospital.
  • Often postoperative pain relief medications are required for a shorter duration after MIS.
  • Patients have higher chances of healing and they can return to their normal activities very quickly.
  • Get rid of visible scar marks.

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